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December 6, 2022

#MakeoverMonday Week 49 - How good are Americans at perceiving demographics?

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I really liked the original visualization by YouGovAmerica this week, so during Watch Me Viz, I spent the hour working to replicate it. 

Easy to replicate:
  • Barbell chart with dots on the ends and a line connecting them
  • Coloring the lines by the larger value
  • Choosing the colors
  • Formatting the view (except the labels)

Challenges/things that should be easier:
  • Labeling the dots/ends of the lines; this took several iterations on the calculations
  • Creating the color legend as headers; I had to use reference lines, turn on totals, move the totals to the top, then work on the formatting to get them close. They still aren't perfect.
  • Creating the horizontal reference lines; this required me to create a dummy axis

While there are only 3 challenges, I estimate those three challenges took 75-80% of my time. I can only imagine how much more productive I could be if formatting didn't take so long.

In the end, I'm satisfied with how close I got to recreating the original chart. I like the additional context I added by coloring the lines connecting the dots.

If you missed #WatchMeViz, check it out below. Below the video is my final visualization.

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