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May 23, 2023

Make an Awesome TABLEAU Dashboard in Just 10 Minutes

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In this video we'll build a dynamic Tableau dashboard from scratch in just 10 minutes. We'll create a sales dashboard for Superstore’s European region. 

    1️⃣ We’ll create all of the charts which include a map, bar chart, line chart, and KPIs.

    2️⃣ We’ll customize the charts to fit our style.

    3️⃣ We’ll place the charts on the dashboard using layout containers, padding, formatting and more.

    4️⃣ We’ll add interactivity to the dashboard to make for a great user experience.

DOWNLOAD the data and starter and solution workbooks (this covers the costs of making this and future videos):

I would appreciate your support, however, if you want the Excel file for free, download it here:

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