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March 11, 2024

#MakeoverMonday 2024 Week 11 - Housing Vacancies in America

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This week I decided to turn Makeover Monday into a Workout Wednesday of sorts. I wanted to try a technique I haven't used in a while...showing elements on either side of a rank and filtering out the rest.

Want to give it  a try? Get the data here.

  1. Size - 1000x475
  2. Max 4 containers; no tiled containers allowed
  3. Filter out Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico
  4. Clicking on a MSA in the map highlights the MSA in the map and bar chart and changes the MSAs that are displayed in the bar chart
  5. The bar chart shows the rank of the MSA for the metric selected.
  6. There should always be 11 bars (though I didn't test the lowest rank).
  7. The label on the end of the bar and in the map reflect the formatting of the measure selected (i.e., either whole numbers or a percentage to one decimaal).
  8. Include an option to change the measure and to change the number of MSAs on the map.
  9. Create a mobile view
  10. NO LODS!

Have fun! 

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