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March 8, 2024

Visualizing Time Series Data in Tableau

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Last night I was invited to speak at the Chicago Tableau User Group about visualizing time series data. Other than spatial data, time series data is my favorite to visualize. 

There seem to be endless methods for making time series data useful for analysis. Check out this video for 60ish ways to visualize time.

I had a 20 minute slot to present and, of course, I ran over time. I seem to do this with every session I run lately. Be it training for Next-Level Tableau, presenting at events, or running a livestream, I get into a groove and don't want to stop.

I was able to create 14 vizzes in 20+ minutes. I added an extra in this workbook to make the dashboard format nicely.

Click on the image below to download the workbook and dissect it. Get the data here to follow along. 

Have fun! 

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