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April 5, 2011

MLB Agents – Who represents whom visualized


From Chart of the Day (data courtesy MLB Trade Rumors Player Agency Database):

Contrary to popular belief, Scott Boras does not represent every big league player. He doesn't even represent all of the biggest names. In fact, Boras Corporation doesn't even represent the most baseball players. That distinction belongs to SFX World.

The Pareto principle is nearly in affect here – 29 of the 117 agencies (25%) account for 80% of the players.  Click on any of the lines are bars to see the players and teams those agencies represent.  Visit MLB Trade Rumors by clicking on the little red start on the logo.


  1. This analysis assumes equal weighting, correct? If you weighted the players by contract size, how would Boras fall out?

  2. Great point, I hadn't thought about looking at total salaries. I checked for the data and you have to go through team by team to get the salary information.

    As for the weighting, it'd probably make more sense to look at average contract size rather than total $ value, which will always favor those with the most players.

    I appreciate the comments.