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June 14, 2011

How wide is the UK education gap? Hint: It’s wider than you think

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Back in December I critiqued a viz about the gap between the Russell Group of universities and several of the rest.  The Data Visualization Challenge sparked me work on part 2 of my analysis.

Over here in the States, when you hear of Oxford or Cambridge, you think of exclusivity and an incredible (and incredibly expensive) education.  I never knew much about the UK educational system until recently, thanks to the Guardian Datablog

I’ve once again turned to the flexibility of Tableau (the parameters feature is a huge help) to create this viz which details the gap between what is essentially the rich and the poor.  Play around with the colors, shape sizes and the scatter plot.  Click on a bubble and its stats will appear at the bottom. 

You’ll certainly find something interesting including:

  • Kings College London has the highest % of free school meal students, but only at 5.3% (the average is 6.47%)
  • Oxford is indeed elitism, at least the data suggest such: 47% of students are independent while only 0.8% are FSM
  • 60 of the 87 schools in the dataset (69%) have a below average % of independent students, none of the schools being in the Russell Group

What do you see?

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