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April 6, 2015

Makeover Monday: As the Wheels Turn | 5-yr Change in Percentage of U.S. & Canadian Content in Car Models

Friend Jeffrey Shaffer sent me this tweet for as a makeover candidate:
It’s obvious what the creator of this viz is trying to the five year change for each car model. The problem is with their choice of visualizations. They placed a pie inside a donut. Both of these chart types are not only hard to read, they have them in reverse order as well. If they insist on using this type of graph, they should place 2010 on the outside and 2015 on the inside.

However, a much better alternative, as suggested by Jeffrey is a slope graph. I’ve not only included the slope graph, but I also include a bar graph to show the five-year change.

You can download the data here and the Tableau workbook here.


  1. I have never seen someone in my field of work use a slope chart, but they really are cool and I am excited to try.