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November 11, 2015

Dear Data Two | Week 27: Media

Data collection for week 27 was simpler than most, and I’m quite thankful for that since I forgot to track the data as I prepared for talks in Cincinnati and Vegas. I looked retroactively at my history on the apps & websites on which I consume stories and articles. I only counted articles that I actually read and not just skimmed over. I did not count the content on Facebook that you see, but don’t click on.

From there, I did some quick analysis in Tableau to understand the data before creating the postcard.

When I went into the project for this week, I fully expected Facebook to dominate other consumption methods. Yet to my great surprise, Feedly was far and away my preferred method for consuming stories. I’m not exactly sure why this is, surely it has something to do with the design of their product. In Feedly, I choose the content I want to follow, so it’s much more likely to be of interest to me. Whereas Facebook tends to be a lot of noise and little signal as far as stories and articles are concerned. I don’t look at my LinkedIn and Twitter timelines often, so it’s no surprise that those as so low.

The inspiration for the postcard came from Giorgia’s week 13 postcard about her desires. I wanted to use stars like she did, but I couldn’t find a stencil to use. I went with hexagons instead.