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November 19, 2015

Philadelphia Has the Worst Sports Teams in North America

I was listening to Sports Radio WIP yesterday as I was driving to get a cup of delicious Dunkin Donuts coffee. I heard one of the hosts talk about how Philly is the worst sports city in all of North America for cities that have teams in all four major sports leagues. A quick Google search turned up this article.

How bad are Philly sports teams?
  • The Eagles are more or less unwatchable. They’re inventing new ways to lose.
  • The 76ers have lost 20+ games in a row. That’s really, really hard to do in the NBA.
  • The Flyers couldn’t score if there was no goalie in the opposing net.
  • The Phillies…well, they did their best to be one of the worst baseball teams of all-time.

I took the ugly table of numbers from the article and built the interactive dashboard you see below, confirming my worst fears.

This merely confirms the misery that is being a Philadelphia sports fan.