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November 6, 2015

Dear Data Two | Week 26: Workspace

After a hiatus to get ready for our talk at #DATA15, I’m now several weeks behind and playing a game of catchup again.

The topic for week 26 was workspace and my first thought turned to the Data School and the consultants I get to train every day. To say some of them are creatures of habit would be a massive understatement. Just a week into their training, they were sitting in the same spots every day, so I made them start rotating places. Some took well to this and others (ahem Damiana) insisted on maintaining their spot, even occassionally threatening the coach.

They also have a great affection for donuts. Most Fridays I bring them a sugar filled breakfast. Little do they know that I’ve been tracking their seating and donut eating habits during their time with me. Naturally, since this week is about them, I decided to create donut charts with their pictures in the middle to show how often they sit in their favorite spot.

This was a fun process that I’ll detail in another blog post next week as a Tableau Tip.

Creating the postcard turned out to be an absolute pain! First, I had the table backwards, so I ripped that card up. Second try, the colours I chose for the donuts didn’t work, so I ripped up that card. Finally, I got the card completed, pasted on their little pictures, only to realize I had the table backwards again. I decided to heck with it; good enough is good enough and this project is about learning from the mistakes we make along the way anyway.

Lastly, I added little chocolate donuts under each picture to show how many they typically eat.