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January 16, 2016

Dear Data Two | Week 40: Meeting New People

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For week 40, meeting new people, I was really hoping that I would meet a ton of new people like Stefanie and Giorgia did when they collected data for this week. I even tweeted out that I would buy people coffee, but I had no takers and didn't meet anyone new through Tuesday.

I reached out to Jeff and told him what was happening and I came up with the idea of looking at my new Twitter followers this week. I believe Jeff is going to do the same. I then set up an IFTTT channel to log new followers to a spreadsheet so that I could start my Tableau analysis.

Not surprisingly, most of my new followers (60%) were males, as Twitter tends to have more males.

Next, I looked at when they started following me. The IFTTT channel logs in my local time, which i then broke down by AM/PM.

64% of my new followers were after 12pm GMT

I didn't have very much metadata to work with otherwise this week, so from this points, I focused on different ways I could visualise my postcard in Tableau.

Click through the story points below to see my brief analysis and my different postcard options. The last tab has the actual postcard for Jeff.

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