Data Viz Done Right

January 11, 2016

Makeover Monday: Stephen Curry Hates Mid-Range Jump Shots


This week's Makeover Monday looks at this simple stacked bar chart from Sports Chart of the Day:

What works well:

  1. Nice labelling on the axes; this makes it clear what we data is displayed
  2. Nice annotation of the point of the chart

What could be done better:

  1. Needs a better title
  2. Needs to incorporate shooting % so that I can better understand the relationship between shots taken and shooting %
  3. Group together all shots over 30 feet
  4. Find a better way to compare the number of shots taken on each range. I find the stacked bars hard to compare within in a shot distance.
  5. Make the different shot ranges more clear, e.g., what defines a long 2?
  6. Provide a summary
  7. How are Curry's shot selections changing over time?

With these considerations in mind, here is my my makeover of the chart:

Note: If you'd like to participate in Makeover Monday, check this link for the details.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. These aren't lollipops, they're DNA charts or barbell charts. Here's the tutorial

  2. Dear Andy please share how did you draw the basketball court... if possible make the video and upload it.


    1. It's a background image. Download the workbook and you'll see how it's done.

  3. Hey Andy, did you find the X/Y coordinates to plot on the court? If not, what was your process for mapping that out? Thanks, Brit.

    1. I got the dimensions of a basketball court and used that. Then I made them slightly larger to account for the sidelines. It took several iterations to get it just right.