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January 6, 2016

Fade to Ginger: Who Says Man Can't Time Travel?

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It's New Year's Eve. You want to travel all over Europe in just a few hours, visiting all kinds of crazy places with your mates. How is this even possible?

Well, as I was spending New Year's Eve with my family, I noticed my buddy Luke Stoughton checking-in on Facebook all over the place...and quickly! From 11-11:30pm, he had checked-in to 6 places all over London and covered 28 miles. By midnight, he had already been to Switzerland! By 1:15am, he had come back to England and gone on to Austria. And then back to England again only 14 minutes later!

Either Luke is some sort of superhero (he does have the power to make a deer limp after all) or his buddies were pranking him. Either way, he granted me permission to visualise his amazing night. Click through the Tour Stops to see everywhere Luke visited on his epic New Year's Eve.

1 comment :

  1. What a great viz of a comical night. Good old Time Lord Ginger