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May 4, 2016

Data+Women: Women are Underrepresented on Tech Boards


I was listening to the latest Tableau Wannabe Podcast about Women in Data Month and Emily mentioned how Tableau has no females on its Board of Directors. I’m also preparing to speak at the first Data+Women London meetup tomorrow, so I wanted to educate myself a bit and also verify Emily's comment.

I looked on Google Finance at Tableau to get a list of comparable companies. I then included some more big tech companies from Silicon Valley for comparison purposes. The data is shocking!

Of the 17 companies I selected:

  1. Only seven (7) have boards with at least 25% female composition
  2. 0% of the companies have 50% representation of females
  3. Tableau and MicroStrategy have exactly zero (0) female members on their boards

This is sad, truly sad. My message to the leaders of these companies: “Lean in!"


  1. Andy,

    Thanks for posting. What do you think about adding a 50% reference line? Right now, Yahoo looks like a really big bar and Datawatch is a really small bar. But even the really big bar falls short of 50%.