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May 12, 2016

The Data School Gym - Timeline Pareto Chart


Another Data School Gym challenge for you. Today Jonathan MacDonald reached out to me with a question. I’m glad he reached out because I’m constantly asking him question. He asked:

How can we create a timeline Pareto chart? That is, we need to calculate the cumulative sales for a dimension from it’s first sale until it’s most recent, but the time has to be expressed as a % of cumulative days.

So, here’s the challenge for you. Create this chart below. It’s based on Superstore Sales and there are no big tricks. Just see if you can do it. Some hints:

  1. You will need an LOD calc for the x-axis.
  2. Include a single select parameter for the dimensions. Each line on the chart represents one element of the selected dimension.
  3. Include an option to highlight a specific element within the dimension selected.

I’ve disabled the download option on the workbook so you can’t cheat. Tweet me when you think you’ve figured it out.


  1. Hi,

    I am still figuring out how to use LODs and table calculations. I read a little bit about Pareto chart but I could not understand it completely.

    So, I created the Pareto chart as per your definition. Below are the calculations i did in tableau as per my understanding of your definition

    % of Cumulative Sales = Running sum of Sales till that day/Total Sales

    % of Elapsed Days = Number of days till that day/Total Number of days

    Using the above two calculations i plotted a chart of % of Cumulative Sales against % of Elapsed Days.

    But my chart does not look like yours.

    Did I completely misunderstood what Pareto chart is ?

    I want to complete your challenge, but i need little explanation.

    1. It's easier to understand if you download the workbook. I've enabled download on it now.