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June 7, 2016

Tableau Tip Tuesday: How to Conditionally Format Discrete Rows


This week’s Tableau Tip is about conditionally formatting discrete rows. Many of ushave used conditional formatting in Excel and we like how we can color-code our discrete items (e.g., customer name) based on a value that’s in the view. In this video, I show you how to do that in Tableau.

During the video I reference this blog post by the amazing Ryan Sleeper in which he does conditional formatting for a different use case. Give his blog a follow; it’s great!


  1. Thanks as always for the tips, Andy, and I'm honored by the mention. This is an elegant solution and I like how you mixed existing measures in the data with the placeholder calculated field; the end result looked great. I always forget that you can have the label color match the mark color, so that was a nice reminder. At first I was wondering why you used the Gantt mark type and changed the axis vs. just using the Text mark type, but when I tried it I realized that your approach provides more formatting flexibility (particularly the alignment). - Ryan

    1. Exactly! You can't get the labels to left align if you use a Text mark type. The Gantt is a sneaky way around it.

  2. Thanks a lot Andy it's awesome:)

  3. Great tip! I realize this post is over one year old, but I have been applying it in a POC, and the major issue I would have with this approach, is that filtering is not working when using it with another sheet. Do you know of any workarounds?