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June 5, 2016

Data Scientists Need Alteryx

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As I was about to land in San Diego for Alteryx Inspire I happened to look through my backlog of makeovers and saw this beauty.

The whole purpose of these charts is to show the difference between the tasks a data scientist spends time on and the least enjoyable part of their job. These two charts completely fail in telling getting that message across.

So with 15 minutes remaining on my flight, I threw together this alternative.

The only point I’m trying to drive home is that cleaning and organizing data is by far the task data scientists spend the most time on AND it’s the one they like the least. I’m fairly sure no one surveyed has used Alteryx because, if they had, the percentages would swing dramatically towards mining data and defining algorithms, which is really the important work data scientists do.

So here’s the question, how do we get Alteryx into the hands of those people that traditionally code all of their data prep? How can we enable them to do more impactful work? The answer is easy really, they need to do a 14-day trial of Alteryx and give it all they can for those 14 days. I’m confident Alteryx is the tool to solve the imbalance in their work.

1 comment :

  1. Alteryx needs some sort of Freemiun model, like Tableau. The more people using it, the more probable it becomes "the standard" tool for ETL.