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June 27, 2016

Makeover Monday Week 26: Who? When? What?

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For Makeover Monday week 26, we challenged the Community to create a great dashboard that tracks the who, what and when of the project. Let’s start by looking at my original dashboard:

What works well?
  • It’s easy to see how many contributions have been made and how many people have contributed. 
  • The colors are good, but not great. 
  • The word cloud helps highlight the volume of people that have contributed. 
  • You can easily see which weeks had the best participation and which weeks drew the most new people. 
  • The heatmap on the 2nd tab does a good job of letting people see which weeks they have yet to complete. 

What doesn’t work?

  • It’s too hard to see the overall figures. 
  • The 2nd tab should be incorporated into the first. 
  • The word cloud is too busy. 
  • The cumulative graphs don’t provide much insight. 
  • All that’s important is the final number.
  • I don’t like the combination chart on the upper left. 
  • There’s no interactivity. 

I built my makeover in Tableau 10 so all I can post is an image. If you’d like to have a look at it, you can download it here. I’m really excited to see what the Community builds. I’m 99.9% sure someone will come up with something that blows us away.

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