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August 30, 2017

Workout Wednesday: Average Latitude of Solar Eclipses by Century

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You might think I'm taking the easy way out this week for Workout Wednesday, but I found building last week's Makeover Monday chart not as straightforward as I thought so I figured I'd share the fun with you.


  1. Must be one sheet (except the footer)
  2. Must match my y-axis scale and format
  3. Must match my reference lines
  4. Match the blue and orange for the northern and southern hemispheres
  5. Match the title and subtitle
  6. Be sure to include the footer
  7. X-axis represents the centuries
  8. Century 3000 AD is excluded
  9. Black line is the average latitude across the centuries
  10. For each century and hemisphere, each "bar" spans from the max to the min average latitude by month, century and hemisphere.
  11. The bar width represents the difference between the max and min.
  12. Match the nice rounded ends on the "bars"
  13. Match the tooltips

You can download the data in Excel format here or the TDE here.

Good luck! Remember to tweet a picture and link to your solution and tag @EmmaWhyte and @VizWizBI. 

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