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September 4, 2017

Makeover Monday: Which UN Sustainable Development Goals Are of Most Immediate Concern?

This week Makeover Monday is collaborating with Viz For Social Good and the UN Sustainability Development Goals Action Campaign to visualize data on people’s views on the state of poverty, inequality and climate change.

Let's have a look at the original viz:

What works well?

  • Nice interactivity with the icons at the top
  • Easy to see the breakdown by demographics
  • Simple filtering
  • Neatly organized
  • Labeling the boxes on highlight
  • Ordering the icons by goal

What could be improved?

  • Way too many colors
  • You eye goes all the way across making it look like all of the demographics are connected
  • Seems very busy

I wanted to keep the visualisation very simple, start with an overview, and allow the user to pick what they want to see. I ended up with this simple dot plot. I also used Device Designer to create a mobile version which will render if you're seeing this on your phone.