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September 20, 2017

Workout Wednesday: (It Takes) All Sorts

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Oh Emma thought she was being sneaky today in the week 38 challenge. We had a similar challenge last year for the Data School Gym. For this week, given the EU Superstore data set, you have to meet these requirements (read the full details on Emma's blog):

  • Create the highlight table showing profit ratio by ship mode and sub-category.
  • The columns should be sorted by the ship mode selected in the drop down first, followed by the remaining ship modes sorted descending by their overall profit ratio.
  • The Product Subcategories should be sorted ascending or descending (depending on end user selection) of the profit ratios for the selected ship mode.

For me, the last requirement was the trickiest part. In the end, I had to create two parameters and three calculations.

Good luck!

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  1. Actually sorting part is not that hard. It can be done using conditional formatting and multiple dual axes. Then you don't have to use parameter - just click on the header. It works more natural. I've written blog post about it here