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February 14, 2018

Workout Wednesday: MAX and MIN Sales by Month

For this week's Workout Wednesday, Rody challenged us to create a highlight table that:

  1. Only highlights the max and min per month
  2. Include the grand total (which is also highlighted)
  3. Resizes the rows based on the number of rows displayed

I'd done something very similar to this before when teaching in The Data School, so I got it sorted out fairly quickly. The trickiest bit was getting the nulls to display a value in the proper position. I took a different approach to Rody, I think his is simpler. I also took a different approach to the coloring; I went the discrete route and he went with continuous.

I really love how many way there are to tackle the same problem in Tableau. Click on the image for the interactive version.


  1. Unlike Rody's version your visual doesn't have a grid within Categories. It's an easy fix, though it was not stated as a requirement.

    1. The grid is there, see the screenshot above. Tableau Public isn't rendering it the same as Desktop.