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February 25, 2018

Makeover Monday: World Economic Freedom

For Makeover Monday week 9 we're taking a look at this map from the Fraser Institute:

What works well?

  • Nice search functionality
  • Simple colors (though maybe tough for color blind people)
  • The table clearly show the top 10 countries
  • Being able to "Play" the visualisation and watch the map change
  • Really nice tooltips
  • Clicking on a country give you specific information about each of the rankings for that country

What could be improved?

  • The filled map makes it hard to see small countries and especially to see how they change.
  • The up/down arrows next to the numbers clearly show better or worse, but compared to what?
  • There's no sense of change because you can't easily compare years.

My Goals

  • I knew I didn't want to use a map, so I wanted to focus on other chart types.
  • Verify which countries had data for which years
  • Limit the data to only years 2000-2015 and to those countries that had data for all of those years
  • Provide the user with an option to swap out for a different metric
  • Provide context for all countries against each other
  • Allow the user to select a country to highlight