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February 22, 2018

Workout Wednesday: Is it a trending baby name?

Ok, this week's workout sucked. The requirements and result you needed to achieve were super clear. What sucked was how fiddly the calculations were.

Given it's day 2 of training for DS8 in The Data School, I thought they should give this a try, as a group, with me. It was mostly them speaking the logic out loud and me translating into Tableau. It made for a really fun exercise that took us about 3.5 hours.

Looking at Rody and Luke's methods, our's was most similar to Rody's and way different than Luke's. But that's the beauty of Tableau; we all approached it very differently, yet got the same result. Tableau works with the way you think.

Thanks for the challenge Luke! You almost got us! Here's our result:


  1. I had fun with this! (more fun that you, it sounds like :)). But I appear to have found a glitch:

    I searched for Sophie but the label in the middle still said Rody even though the distribution changed. Likewise Toby and Todd. Other names worked, though.

    1. That means those names weren't in the data set provided and the requirement was to set the name to Rody if the name wasn't listed.