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February 6, 2019

Hospital Closures in Rural America

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Today is my first time participating in Lindsay Betzendahl's great collaboration project #ProjectHealthViz. She first told me about back at TC and I told her I would participate when time permitted. So here I am, participating for the first time.

The data set Lindsay posted was about hospital closures in rural parts of America. My mind immediately went to poverty in the South (I wasn't too far off), access to medical care, and the cost of healthcare.

After exploring the data and getting feedback from Lindsay, I settled on a simple story that answers  few simple questions:

  1. How many hospitals have closed?
  2. How many beds are no longer available?
  3. How many people are impacted (I added data from the US Census)?
  4. How many hospital bed days have been lost?

In the end, this is a pretty simple viz that I hope communicates the message well. In my opinion, access to healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. Click on the image for the interactive version.

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