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February 12, 2019

Makeover Monday: When did President Trump spend the most Executive Time?

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I've already written about what works and what doesn't about the original visualization (read it here) and since the two current The Data School cohorts had to create a Makeover Monday viz in an hour, I thought I should do the same.

I wanted to create a calendar view that only show the Executive Time. It's easy enough to filter to just that data, however, there are days when there was no executive time, which led to holes in the calendar. To overcome this, I created an Excel spreadsheet with every day from 1 December 2018 through 31 January 2019, then I joined the two data sets, ensuring that my Excel spreadsheet was the primary data source so that all dates would be in the data set (in other words, NOT an inner join).

From there, creating the calendar was simple, adding the color was simple. I spent most of my time fiddling with the formatting.

Click on the image below for the interactive version.

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