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March 26, 2021

#WOW2021 Week 5 - Predicting HBCU Future Enrollment

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Workout Wednesday 2021 week 5 required you to become familiar with the statistical functions in Tableau as well as being able to create predictions based on those stats. I hadn't done either of these before, so I knew it would be a good learning opportunity.

View the dashboard here

Building the chart itself was simple. I chose to NOT truncate the axis as Candra did because it's not best practice to truncate the axis of an area chart as it skews the magnitude of change across time.

To create the Gaussian process regression, I found information on Tableau's website about the calculation and how to configure it. For Gaussian regression, the help says to use this formula:

AVG([Days to Ship Actual]),
ATTR(DATETRUNC('month',([Order Date])))

However, when I did so, the chart and values were not the same as Candra's. So I used the MODEL_QUANTILE function instead. As always, the help within the calculation window was immensely useful.

Great, I now had the line chart. But I couldn't figure out how to get the prediction to extends another five years. A Google search for "predicting the future Tableau" sent me to this link.

Step 4: Extend the date range and densify the data was exactly what I needed. There's an Extend Date Range option in the dropdown for the Year dimension that I'd never seen before.

Sweet! Once in the Custom window, the configuration is very intuitive.

Some formatting, a few calcs to get the tooltips and title correct, and a sheet to trigger the change of the measure with a parameter action and done! Check out my solution here.

View the dashboard here

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