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August 15, 2023

An 8-Chart Guide to Dashed Lines in Tableau

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In this tip learn when to use of dashed lines. Through this video, I'll walk you through 8 distinct examples, demonstrating the effectiveness and clarity that dashed lines can bring to your data representation:

  1. Line Chart with Dashed Elements: Understand the basics of creating dashed lines.
  2. Multiple Lines Differentiation: Explore how to distinguish multiple measures using varied dashed patterns.
  3. Line/Area Chart Combination: Integrate dashed lines with filled areas.
  4. Comparison to a Moving Average: Learn how dashed lines can contrast raw data against its moving average, helping in trend analysis.
  5. Current Year vs. Prior Year: Used dashed lines to make year-on-year comparisons.
  6. Combination Chart: Combine several chart types, using dashes to maintain clarity.
  7. Barbell Chart Analysis: Learn how dashes can link data points in a barbell chart, highlighting change and consistency.
  8. Forecast vs. Actuals: Create a forecast with dashed lines.

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