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February 16, 2015

Makeover Monday: How Does Francis Coquelin's 14/15 Season Compare to Alex Song's 11/12 Season at Arsenal?

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Ever since Alex Song left Arsenal for Barcelona in the summer following the 11/12 season, Arsenal have been in desperate need of a defensive midfielder. They've been scraping by with Arteta and Flamini, but they're both aging and not getting any better. In the 2014 summer transfer window, fans were screaming out for Arsene Wenger to sign a DM. Stubborn as he is, Wenger didn't sign one.

That decision left Arsenal very thin at the back to start the 14/15 season. Fast forward a few months and injuries, as they always do, hit Arsenal hard. They were forced to recall Francis Coquelin from a loan spell at Charlton.

As the saying goes, he's been like a new signing. In his previous spells with the first team, he failed to establish himself, but this time around, he grabbed hold of the opportunity and surely now Coquelin is the first name on the manager's team sheet.

Late last week, I ran across this article from HITC Sport. In it, Dan Coombs says "Coquelin has shown already that he is playing defensively at an equal or higher level than Song's final season at the club." Dan then provided this simple table:

This table is perfectly fine. It's a table and it provides a great way to look up the data. In the end, the point of the story is to show how effectively Coquelin is playing compared to Song. I created this infographic in Keynote with the hope that it is more interesting, more engaging and makes comparisons easier.

1 comment :

  1. Really nice and intressesting!
    I would have skiped the photographic background since it does'nt rim e very well with your bar-colours (and after that change to more eye-friendly "earthy" colours).
    And i would sort the bars after size not alphabetically since that sort-order dont add any value. Size-sort always look better.

    Just my five cents and humble opinion :)