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February 3, 2016

Dear Data Two | Week 42: Laughing

I couldn't wait for this week to come around. We laugh A LOT at the Data School so I knew data collection would not only be easy, but fun too. I also have this weird way of making fun of people as a way of showing that I like them or that they are a friend.

For my analysis, I only considered laughing that occurred at the Data School, which means data is only through Thursday as we had a company trip the rest of the week.

I collected a few characteristics about each laugh:

  1. When
  2. Who was I with
  3. What was I laughing about
  4. How big was the laugh

From there, I started my analysis, focusing mainly on Lorna's accusations that I pick on her too much. What you'll find in the analysis below is that it looks like I laughed AT Lorna way more than I laughed WITH her. However, once I created the postcard and included what we were laughing about, it's evident that I was often laughing at someone else, not her.

In the end, I wanted the postcard to look like an emoji, so I built an emoji view of all of the laughs in Tableau first before creating the postcard. What I like about the postcard is that I gave me the opportunity to incorporate more information and more detail into the final product.

Overall, a very fun week!


  1. This data collect seems contrived. I know jokes from AK the VizBiz are almost always without laughing merit. But perhaps the influence of British humor has improved matters. ;-)