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February 23, 2016

Dear Data Two | Week 43: Trying New Things

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I’ve fallen behind…again! I was in quite a good groove, then suddenly burnout hit me. Fortunately I’ve been able to keep up with the data collection. The ebbs and flows of this project can become quite overwhelming and I’d rather hold off on creating a postcard until my head is in it than create something for the sake of staying on track. I’m fairly sure Jeffrey feels the same way.
I feel like I’m in the home stretch now. Currently I’m collecting data for week 47, which means only five more weeks!!!

For week 43, the topic was “trying new things.” Immediately I thought about when I was a kid and never wanted to try new food or go new places. As an adult, I’ve become quite more adventurous, including two massive moves for my family, so I think I’m adapting well to trying new things. You can read through my analysis of the week in the story points below. The simple outcome is this: I liked 81% of the new things I tried, so that should encourage me to try even more new things and to not be afraid.

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