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January 23, 2017

Have Increases in Healthcare Spending Led to an Increase In Life Expectancy in America?

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I was looking at an article on Visual Capitalist last night and saw another story that caught my eye. It was a connected scatterplot of life expectancy vs. health care expenditure for OECD countries. Everything on it is well documented including the data source. So off I went to get the data for Life Expectancy and Health Care Expenditure from the World Bank. I wanted to rebuild this chart in Tableau.

One interesting note is that the original visualisation had data back to 1970, yet that data is nowhere to be found on the World Bank website nor is it documented where it came from. That’s not very good. I limited my re-creation to the data I knew was accurate, 1995-2013.

This didn’t take too awfully long to create in Tableau, with most of the time being spent fiddling with the country labels. I know they overlap the lines in a lot of places, but I think it still works. When you click on a line, you’ll see drop lines that reveal the values for that point and also highlight the whole line for that country.

As always, rebuilding a chart I like has been a good learning experience. This was the first time I used drop lines and it was fun figuring out how to get only certain points labeled and colouring everything just right.

Click on the image for the interactive version.

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