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January 24, 2017

Makeover Monday: The Regional Disparity of Tourism Spending in New Zealand

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This week’s Makeover Monday data was too much fun to not continue to play with. I’ve kind of had a crush on barcode charts/strip plots since Makeover Monday week 44 last year when I created a barcode chart of Scotland deprivation.

Given how this week’s data needed to be viewed at the month, region, visitor type level in order to represent the index properly, I thought I’d give a barcode chart a try. Why do I think it works well in this case?

  1. By color-coding the overall index red, I can clearly see how it compares to all other regions.
  2. A barcode chart is great for showing distributions.
  3. The reference line at zero let’s me see how many regions are above and below the 2008 average.
  4. Having a row for each month allows me to see which months were more above the average than others, particularly within a year.
  5. This helps me see the big picture (spending has increased over time) while still giving me all of the details of all regions.

What do you think? Does it communicate well for you? Click on the image for the interactive version.

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