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April 12, 2017

Workout Wednesday: How many times has a team been top of the Premier League?

I bet you'll find this week pretty easy. If not, blame Charlie Hutcheson. He was asking for a bit of table calc and LOD practice.

The requirements this week are pretty simple and use a data set of Premier League points from the 2015/16 season. Note that this data set doesn't include the whole season; that's not the purpose of the exercise.

  1. Must be a single chart
  2. Match the colors of the teams exactly
  3. Match the tooltips
  4. Sort the teams by the number of weeks they were in first place
  5. Left bar chart must be based on a LOD expression
  6. Right bar chart must be based on a table calculation
  7. Both bar charts need to have a label on the end of the bar with the number of weeks in first place
  8. Match the column headers
  9. View size is 800x600

Good luck!


  1. Hi Andy,

    While going through the data in Tableau I found out that there are Match days. There are 24 days for each team. I am a bit confused. Please correct me if I my logic for this is wrong.

    If there are 24 match days then wouldn't it be right to say that from day 1 to 7 it would be week number 1 and day 7 to 14 would be week number 2 and so on.