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April 26, 2017

Workout Wednesday - Product Spread Treemap (Part 1)

My next two Workout Wednesday challenges for you will build upon each other. WARNING: This might be tough. This challenge came from a Data School project that I helped the team with.

Use this data source to build this treemap. The idea is to be able to count how many regions each product sells in. Here are the requirements:

  1. Dashboard needs to be 850x700
  2. Include a summary table at the top that shows the number and % of products that sell in each region. 
  3. Match the color-coding and text of the table.
  4. Create a treemap that segments the products by the number of regions it sells in.
  5. Match the tooltips in the treemap.
  6. Clicking on a color in the summary table should highlight that segment in the treemap.
  7. Include the caption on the treemap

That's it! The brutal part of the challenge I'm saving for week 19. Good luck!


  1. I just started looking into Workout Wednesday, and I have to admit this is the first one I could actually did without cheating by opening your workbook first! The link to my dashboard is below. The only thing I couldn't replicate was having the 4 Regions on the top left. Why not have 3 Regions (Green) since it has the highest percentage?

    Thanks for organizing this! I learned a lot!!/publish-confirm


    1. Hi Nurul. Yours isn't quite right. 4 regions should be top left of the treemap as you pointed out. I want the regions in this order so they are sequential from top left.

    2. I fixed it using AVG(#Regions per Product) as the size. Thanks for the challenge, Andy!

  2. Andy,!/publish-confirm
    I wasn't able to get the Summary title just right. Everything else should be perfect though.

  3. Nice challenge:)