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April 24, 2017

Makeover Monday: Which data skills are HOT where you live?

This week Tableau joins us for a special edition of Makeover Monday. One of their very own, Marissa Michelotti, published this viz on Tableau Public and volunteered it for the Makeover Monday Community to improve upon.

What works well?

  • Clear title that tells me what the viz is about
  • Can easily find the top 10 job skills in any country (but there are some problems with this too).
  • Keyword search in the box & whisker plot
  • Overall layout is simple

What could be improved?

  • What do the colors mean in the bump chart? There's no legend.
  • The bump chart cuts off jobs when they aren't in the top 10, making it look like they didn't exist in the other years.
  • The country filter only applies to the top chart. I didn't realize that. I think it could be more clear.
  • Box & whisker plots are hard to understand for most audiences. And using one for data that is ranks doesn't make a lot of sense to me since you really can't tell how much better the top is from the bottom with ranks.
  • How are the jobs organized in the bottom chart? Is there a logic to the sort?
  • What's the scale of the box & whisker plot? It looks half cut off to me.
  • For most people, they probably won't care how their country compares to other countries. I would think it's more important to understand which jobs are hot where you live.
  • There are a LOT of missing roles in 2016 that existed in 2015 & 2014. I would remove 2016 since it's not comparable to the other years.

Much like Eva, I decide to make this a tool people could use. If someone lives in the U.S., they probably don't care which jobs are hot in Singapore. Or maybe they do care about Singapore because they want to move there. My viz is intended to help people find the hot jobs that are geographically important to them.

Click on the image for the interactive version.


  1. That viz is awesome, Andy. The colours are really nice and while the style is somewhat similar to what you've done recently, it does look different suddenly. Maybe it's the layout, I'm not sure, but I really like it and the highlight actions work so well, not just their functionality but because of their responsiveness and how that aligns with the ideas of 'change' and 'hot skills' in the the labour market.
    Also liked your critique of the original viz.

    1. Thanks Eva! I felt pretty stuck for time and ideas this week. One of those weeks I guess.

  2. I was not able to download this to Tableau, is anyone else having problems with this?

    1. What are you trying to download? It works fine for me. Click on the image, which will render the dashboard in Tableau Public, then click the download button.