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October 20, 2017

43 Charts in 50 Minutes | The Information Lab Italy Zen Master Day

Today I had the pleasure of joining my colleagues at The Information Lab Italy for a Zen Master Day. In the morning there was a series of keynotes, one of which was by me speaking about my first experiences with Tableau at Coca-Cola and some analytical use cases from my roles there.

This afternoon, I wanted to do a slightly different take on what was supposed to be a tips session. Instead of tips, I decided to build as many charts as I could in 50 minutes. I got up to 43! I feel pretty good about that!

In the tweet below, you can watch Eva talk about Exasol and give a great demo. My tips start around the 40 minute mark.

Want the tips I shared? Well, here you go! Enjoy!


  1. Learned so much in the last 50 minutes Andy ! Thanks !!!

  2. Hi Andy
    After I download the .twbx, I am unable to open it. Error message displayed saying the load was not able to complete successfully. While I click on show details - I get the below message :
    Error(2849,74): attribute 'selection-relaxation-option' is not declared for element 'pane' (id: C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Temp\TableauTemp\3610431962\TIL Italy Zen Master Day (1).twb) Error(2899,74): attribute 'selection-relaxation-option' is not declared for element 'pane'

    1. No idea what that means. This was created in 10.4.

    2. That is it !! I upgraded to 10.4, and its working fine now. Thanks Andy :)

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Sorry, but can you please share the link to its video. It would have been very helpful, I cant see the video of the above charts.

    5. I don't have the video. It was on Periscope. You can view it here.