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October 4, 2017

Workout Wednesday: All the Sorts | Part 2

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Emma sneakily added a part two to her previous Workout Wednesday. This week, she wanted us to include a line chart below the heatmap with these requirements (full details on the challenge on her blog):

  • Add a line chart showing profit ratio over time (continuous months) by each ship mode.
  • The ship mode selected by the end user should be highlighted in red in the line chart, the rest in grey.
  • The line chart should show by default the profit ratio for the product sub-category which is in the top row of the highlight table. Remember this can be changed by selecting a different ship mode or row sort.
  • When a user selects a product sub-category in the highlight table the line chart should change to show the selected sub-category

Seemed innocent enough at first. I had a pretty good idea that I needed a table calc to make this work, but it took me a while to get the settings just right. Anyway, another challenge done!

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