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October 2, 2017

Makeover Monday: Which Quarter Performs Best in the UK Economy?

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For Makeover Monday week 40, Eva has asked us to remake this chart from The Financial Times about the growth of the UK economy vs. other G7 countries:

What works well?

  • The title tells me what the viz is comparing.
  • Highlighting the UK since that's the focus on the article
  • Using a line chart to display data over time
  • Including a reference to the data source
  • Sticking with the FT themed colors

What could be improved?

  • The article that was part of references Brexit, but this timeline doesn't show pre- AND post-Brexit vote. Including a longer time range would be more useful to understand the long-term trends.
  • There are extra tick marks on the time axis, making it look sloppy.
  • Include a % since and an axis title. I had to go back to the subtitle to get that.
  • Use a more impactful title and subtitle. The source article has plenty of sentences they could have used instead.

My goals

  • I wanted to understand how each quarter performed by year, not year by quarter. This will allow me to see historically which quarter performs the best.
  • Use a better title and subtitle
  • Include a mobile design (for my own practice)
  • Keep the other G7 countries in the background for reference, but don't actually refer to them.
  • Stick with the FT theme

With those goals in mind, here is my Makeover Monday week 40.

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