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September 30, 2018

Makeover Monday: Historical Avocados Prices

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Behind bananas, I don't of anything Eva likes more than avocados. So when I saw data about avocados in the Data is Plural newsletter, I knew I had to pass it along to her.

This week's chart to makeover comes from OverRidge Wealth Advisors:

What works well?

  • Using a line chart makes it easy to see the rising price.
  • The title, while simple, tells us what the chart is about.
  • The subtitle provides context.

What could be improved?

  • There's no indication of the currency. The article mentions both US and Mexico as main sources, but the chart doesn't indicate whether it's dollars or pesos.
  • The avocado in the background is distracting and completely unnecessary.
  • If the avocado is removed, the line could be made black.
  • Labeling the ends of the lines would add context.
  • The title could be changed to something that tells the story in the data.
  • Is this good or bad? Rising prices could be good if you're the produce, but bad for consumers.
  • The gridlines could be more subtle.

What I did

  • I wanted to create something that shows the trends for each city plus the overall.
  • Simplify the colors.
  • Include BANs for the current price and an indicator of the change.
  • Create "cards" for each region, similar to the profit and loss statement I created.
  • Include a mobile version

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