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September 26, 2018

Workout Wednesday: Discovery Dashboard

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I haven't been keeping up with as many Workout Wednesday's this year as I would like to, but when I saw some comments about the week 38 challenge, I thought it would be one I could get done quickly. The challenge comes from Ann Jackson and the idea is to build a dashboard where the users can pick and choose what they see. This is such a practical use case for anyone building dashboards.

From Ann:
One of my absolute favorite things about Tableau is that not only is it a fantastic data display tool, but it is amazing at data exploration and discovery.  While you’re in the flow of analysis there are tons of built in features that provide you feedback, awareness, and insight into your data.  Everything from displaying the number of marks on a sheet in the lower left corner (along with the sum of a measure) to exposing the worksheet summary card.  You can customize it to show you so many options and it’s one of the first tools I use when getting hands on with new data.

I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and will use it going forward as a challenge in the Data School. Click on the image below for the interactive version.

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