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October 4, 2018

Workout Wednesday: Where are Sub-Category Sales Down?

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Three weeks in a row now! Feels like I'm on a roll. This week, Luke challenged use to create an actionable table which alerts users to the problem areas very quickly. This is a neat way to get people to begin the journey from Excel tables to interactive visualizations.

Read all of the requirements here.

Some thoughts:

  • I had used a lot of the tricks before, so I had an idea where to start. This video should be helpful for the indicators.
  • I ended up using the modulo function along with an INDEX table calc to find the odd and even numbered rows so that I could format all of the text correctly.
  • Getting the year to align correctly with the numbers was the toughest part. I could tell by looking at the viz that the text was centered, yet it was made to look like it was right-aligned. Therefore, I had to come up with a solution for padding the text on the left for smaller numbers. I won't give away how I did it.

Really good challenge. I particularly enjoy the workouts that have practical use cases for every day work. Thanks Luke for the challenge!

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