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December 3, 2018

Workout Wednesday | Week 48: Profitability Bridge

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I'm a bit behind again on Workout Wednesday, you know, this whole life thing. Today I had a few minutes to look at week 48. As it was a waterfall chart with a couple of other tricks thrown in, I thought it would be pretty straightforward, and it was...thank goodness.

The basic requirements:

  • Create a waterfall chart showing the top 5 sub-categories by sales. Include an other category for all other categories.
  • Show a bar on the far-left of the waterfall that shows all sub-categories. Label it all.
  • Add dashed lines that “connect” each bar.
  • Add a dashed line that connects the All bar with the Other bar.
  • Make sure each line looks as a single continuous dashed line. 
  • Label each sub-category above the bottom line of each bar.
  • Label each bar with the profit ratio below the bottom line of each bar.
  • Add a filter by region. Make sure the filter is centered on the dashboard above the chart.
  • Color the bar gray if it above zero or pink if it is below zero.

Get the full list of requirements here. Thanks for the challenge Luke!

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