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December 9, 2018

Makeover Monday: How much land is needed to produce our food?

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This week Eva chose a data set about the amount of land it takes to make one gram of protein. For example:

  1. A 9oz/251g steak contains 62g of protein. 
  2. Multiply that by 1.02m² (the amount of land needed to produce 1g of steak) 
  3. It takes 63.25m² of land to produce ONE STEAK. That's 678ft² for my American friends. 


That's like a one bedroom apartment for every 10oz steak. That's ridiculous and a major reason why I went vegetarian 18 months ago.

Let's have a look at this week's chart:

What works well?

  • Using a descending bar chart for ranking from largest to smallest
  • Labeling the ends of the lines for more precision
  • Simple title

What could be improved?

  • It took me several times to read the subtitle to make sense of it. Something simpler would be helpful.
  • Remove the gridlines
  • Remove the axis

What I did

  • Recreated the waterfall chart that I had to create for Workout Wednesday week 49
  • Used color to highlight the food types that come from animals; I used red to represent bad (my opinion)
  • Change the title into the form of a question
  • Included a BAN to summarize the findings

With that, here's my Makeover Monday week 50.

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