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June 19, 2019

#WorkoutWednesday Week 24: Side-by-Side Bar Chart

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In preparation for #WorkoutWednesday Live at TC Europe, I wanted to warm up by completing week 24. Luke challenged the community create a "simple" side-by-side bar chart.

While I can understand that this is something that could be used in a work setting, I think the juice you get from building it aren't worth the squeeze. In other words, there are too many hacks to get it to work. Still, though, it was a fun exercise.

  1. The calculations are quite simple.
  2. You don't need table calculations.
  3. I chose the advance option, which I first tried by using another measure to space out the bars, but that didn't work so I created three separate sheets with blank containers for spacing. This hurt my soul, but it got the job done.
  4. I don't agree with creating a percent change of percentages. For example, it's hard to comprehend that Home Office has a 28% great contribution to furniture than to the overall. That doesn't make sense to me. When I see the numbers, I view it as 0.7% greater contribution. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the purpose.
  5. I don't like having to create a dummy sheet for the footers. That's not Luke's fault though; it's a limitation of Tableau that requires the workaround.

So here's my solution. If you download the workbook, you might like the name of percent change of percent calculation. I still love you Luke!

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