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June 8, 2019

#WorkoutWednesday Week 22: X% of Sales make up Y% of Orders

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This was a tough one. For Workout Wednesday week 22, Lorna set out the challenge of reproducing a trellis chart with each pane being a separate Pareto chart or sales vs. number of orders.

Great! That part was pretty straightforward. I've done a Pareto tons of times. I've done a trellis tons of times.

Then there was the coloring of the line. That is, the line needed to be colored in each pane up to the point where two reference lines meet. I got that right I thought.

Lastly, there was the little detail (i.e., not so little) of creating dynamic reference lines that update based on both the parameter selected and the point which you hover over. The fact that these are two conditions should have been my first clue.

I spent quite a while on the reference lines trying to make one reference line act upon two calculations. Well...that's not how reference lines work. Then it hit me that I actually needed four reference lines. Two of them will always hide based on the option selected in the parameter.


The calcs were fiddly. I got lost in the logic a couple times because what you have to do is a bit counterintuitive, kind of like double negatives. I wrote down the four scenarios so that I could approach them one by one.

My calculation names are a mess, which drives me insane and actually made getting to the solution much harder. I'm normally very good about making sure I have clear names, but in this case I had several with almost the same name, so I kept mixing them up, hence why writing things down helped.

Once I got that figured out, I was done. A bit of tidying, then I downloaded Lorna's solution to compare mine too. We had taken a nearly identical approach (it must be that teacher she had at The Data School that set her on her way).

Thanks for the challenge Lorna! I enjoyed the struggle and always love the eureka moments. This was another viz that I could easily see used in a business context.

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