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June 23, 2019

#MakeoverMonday: The European Union consumes more than its fair share of alcohol

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For week 26, Eva challenged us with making over this visualization from World Atlas:

Source: World Atlas

What works well?
  • Clear title
  • Countries are listed in decsending order
  • Simple color for the bar chart
  • Labeling the axis

What could be improved?
  • The axis is truncated; this is a big no-no for a bar chart.
  • The labels for the countries don't need to be rotated on a diagonal.

What I did
  • A bar chart is the easiest way to communicate, so I've kept that.
  • I rotated the bars to make them horizontal.
  • I save space by labeling the inside of the bars with the country name.
  • I labeled the ends of the bars so that I wouldn't need an axis.
  • I highlighted the EU countries, since I found that an interesting piece of the analysis.
  • I created the viz as a mobile size, since I thought this was as good of an opportunity as any to practice mobile design.


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