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June 17, 2019

#MakeoverMonday: Finding the right Airbnb for you in Berlin

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This week, the #MakeoverMonday roadshow is in Berlin for TC Europe. We hosted a live event this afternoon with a few hundred of our closest Tableau friends. Since we're in Berlin, I found a data set and visualization about Airbnb listings and reviews from Inside Airbnb for everyone to use.

What works well?

  • Since the data is about finding a place to stay, a map is super intuitive for the user.
  • The map helps show concentrations of Airbnbs.
  • The summary stats on the right help add context.
  • There are some good filtering options.

What could be improved?
  • The red/green color palette won't work for the colorblind.
  • The red/green palette makes me think of bad vs. good, but they're actually for categorical data.
  • It's harder than necessary to find information about specific rentals.

What I did
I joined the spatial file to the listings and reviews data in Alteryx. I joined the data to get some summary data that I needed for my viz. I then smoothed out the edges of the neighbourhoods to make the map less jagged.

From there, I thought about the data from the user's perspective. What would I want to know about properties and how would I find that information? That served as the basis for this exploratory viz.

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