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September 19, 2022

#MakeoverMonday Week 38 - American Business Applications

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Well, this was a pretty epic fail. No, it was a really big fail. Those that tuned in to Watch Me Viz will be well aware of my struggles with this data set. I don't know why. Maybe it was a concentration issue. I hope it was still useful to everyone, and I hope it was good to see someone with so much experience still struggle.

My original idea was to compare each State to the US average. I got the calculations right, but it was thoroughly uninteresting. Basically, the variance rarely changed. Therefore, there was nothing to see in the analysis.

I stopped the livestream after 90 minutes, the audience and I had suffered enough. Afterwards, I took a break and came back to Tableau. This time, I thought more clearly through the solution I was trying to create. Basically, I wanted something very much like the original, just a bit better looking.

It turns out I was overcomplicating the implementation and the calculations. Parameters were a much, much better solution and allowed me the flexibility I needed to create the month over month calculations. 

I'd encourage you to check out the video. I tried lots of different things and explained what I was doing along the way, so you're sure to learn something. My final dashboard is below the video.

Have a great week everyone and thank you for being so supportive of Makeover Monday.

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