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October 4, 2009

Quick, help save the bubbles

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Someone, please help explain this to me. There is no legend to reference the colors, the data, nothing.

Why 1996 instead of 1995? What do the numbers represent? What do the colors signify? Why is the last bubble green instead of hot pink?

If the dark grey in the middle four circles represents the ozone hole and the total size of the circle is earth (which I can only assume), then I think it's a poor representation of the problem. Is the ozone layer really that huge? No, it's not.

Please someone, save me! No wait, don't save me, save the bubbles!

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  1. I will say I have seen worse, and that the creator did do some things well, but as usual, a bar or line would have been better.

    If you are unclear about the colors, red means an increase in size from the previous capture, and green means an decrease, green being a good thing (personally, I would have colored the first dot gray). The black area matches the size of the previous capture. The year markings across the bottom are placed correctly, and it seems that they simply did not capture the measurement in 1995.

    This is a creative, although effectively poor way to show difference.